onsite optimization
    The Seven Golden Rules of SEO

    A lot is being said on the web regarding search engine optimization (SEO), and how, if you do a particular thing, you will be at the top of Google. How I wish it were that easy. In essence, there are seven distinct rules that a search engine optimizer needs to possess. Most people apply one […]

  • Social Media Marketing
    hootsuite social media marketing
    Top 5 social media marketing tools for 2016

    What are some of the top social media marketing tools for 2016? This is a question someone posted on our blog and i felt its right to do this article about top five social media marketing tools for 2016. 2016 is here and business people are coming up with various effective ways of enhancing their […]

  • IT Solutions
    website building
    7 Steps to Building an Addictive Website

    A few days ago I was doing some searches online then I bumped into this intriguing topic, addictive website. How do you build an addictive website? This is one question that has been in my mind for days until I decided to write on it to help others interested in this topic. How do you […]

  • Content Development
    Ebook Writing- Four Tips To Land a Powerful and Selling Ebook

    When looking at ways of promoting your website, one of the things you need to do is content marketing or promotion. Content promoting will deliver much needed traffic to your website and you can sustain the traffic through content marketing. Integral to content marketing is ebook writing. Ebook writing has been used and will continue […]

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    article writing services
    Article Writing Service is the Engine of Content Marketing

    Are you doing content marketing for your business or are you wondering what the hell with content marketing? As s website or business owner, you need to know some of the marketing strategies which works for businesses and that which can work for you. Content marketing is the marketing which is driven by content, like […]

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    Reales Real Estate WordPress Theme
    Best Real Estate WordPress themes 2015

    Most Captivating Real Estate WordPress Themes for Your Business Do you want to take advantage of the vast real estate market place? One of the things you need to bother about is your website. How will your website look like or how should your website look? Whether you have been in the business for the […]

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    domain registration
    Steps newbies can follow for Domain Registration Kenya

    With large number of people going online in the marketing and branding of their businesses, domain registration Kenya has remained stable in its growth. Among the many essential processes of website development is the website name registration. Most people are however not well conversant with the process of domain registration and will therefore need to […]

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    Importance of White Hat SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a procedure used to generate traffic into a website. It operates in such a way that at a time you can have a huge number of clients. It is evident that this increases your profit a great deal. Both ethical and unethical SEO makes your site be search engine […]