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7 Steps to Building an Addictive Website

A few days ago I was doing some searches online then I bumped into this intriguing topic, addictive website. How do you build an addictive website? This is one question that has been in my mind for days until I decided to write on it to help others interested in this topic.

website buildingHow do you build an addictive website that will guarantee thousands of people glued to your website? When you research online, you will find many people writing on related topics and the suggestions are many. For me I decided to select several ideas, strategies, and tactics and tested them over a period of time.

Guess what I got?

  1. Remove things that send people away

Majority of people concur that things like background music, popups, poor navigation, grammatical and typing errors and tones of ads drive away traffic. For people to be addicted to your website, you should remove all things that drive people away from your website.

  1. Create an alluring design

A lot of people also concur that attractive design is a big factor in gluing people to your website. You need creative design team that will produce a design that delivers positive impact the first time a visitor opens a page of your website. Your designer must be updated with the latest design trending topics and ideas so as to capture the attention of visitors.

  1. The design should reflect the industry

Do not deviate too much from the industry practices. I realized that your design however cool it is should also reflect your industry tradition. Your design should match the style, taste and practices of your industry in terms of how products and services are rendered or displayed.

  1. Use Multimedia

Do you know much people value or get glued to multimedia? Many people cannot afford to read entire 1500 words articles but the same people can afford to watch entire 2-3 minutes videos of the same article. Find a blend of text, audio, pictures, slides and video for your website.

  1. Write understandable content

Take keen interest in how your content is written. Many people find it easy to read paragraphs of few statements like two to five statements.

  1. Add internal links

Do not what!? Internal links enable people to read one article after another on your website. Include at least one internal links of related content which visitors can also read.

  1. Provoke readers to action

Don’t this of this point as least important, it’s hugely important too. Find ways of provoking visitors to take action. Possible actions they can take include leaving comments, sharing your content on social media sites, sending links to friends, subscribing for updates and also downloading free downloads.

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