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Top 5 social media marketing tools for 2016

What are some of the top social media marketing tools for 2016? This is a question someone posted on our blog and i felt its right to do this article about top five social media marketing tools for 2016. 2016 is here and business people are coming up with various effective ways of enhancing their marketing strategies as well as increasing their SEO campaigns in order to obtain high sales. This makes them explore and come up with invaluable marketing strategies that will see them achieving more than they did in 2015.

In a bid to help you achieve the high sales in your business, I have sampled the top 5 social media marketing tools you can apply this year. With right application, these tools will indeed be useful to your business.

Top 5 social media marketing tools

social media marketing tool














This happens to be the best and the most important tool for any content marketer doing marketing as well as SEO campaigns. If you are looking for an effective way to do research, analysis or even be informed of what’s happening around your industry, then opt for BuzzSumo. It shows you how your content performs online, which helps you as a marketer to create, optimize as well as promote your content in a better way.

With the stiff competition that is evident in the online world, this tool can help you greatly in finding out the keywords that draw customers and also get to know what your competitors write about.












Edgar is another handy tool that ensures your social media updates are put to good use, by allowing you to choose the exact time and date a given update is going to be shared.

Normally, when you post an update, only a portion of your followers will consider looking at it however much good it looks. What’s best however with social media is the fact that you can repost content. You can therefore use Edgar to shedule your social media shares so that those who probably didn’t see it the first time can see it the second or even the third time you post.

hootsuite social media marketingAlso an important tool for any social media marketer, Hootsuite proves to not only be the best but also the only way to manage social media. With this single tool, you can measure social media campaign, manage up to 100 social networks and engage audiences and schedule your messages as well.


buffer app










When you want to schedule your social media updates aross several platforms, the only simple and easy tool to use is Buffer. You can post the same message or customize each, then post to all the social accounts you want to post to.

Just like Edgar, this tool also allows you to schedule your posts for later times throughout the day so that your fans as well as followers can always see your updates more often.











Last but not least, Feedly is a tool that is the most popular RSS reader today. Just like the aforementioned, this social media marketing tool is very important to marketers as it operates across a variety of platforms and devices and also has several handy features. With Feedly, you can share your content in multiple social media channels. Moreover, if you have a Hootsuite or Buffer account, you’ll be able to share your content in all the social media content at the same time, instead of posting one by one in each account. This will indeed save you much time.

These are just some of the best social media marketing tools you can use in 2016.


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