Complete SEO Suite

There are few things online that frustrates like doing bad SEO and missing on result after working tirelessly for months and investing money in the process. Sometimes you can imagine SEO does not work but the truth is that white hat SEO works. You need to stick to white hat SEO and you will see results and consistent sales over time. So let me just tell you what we do with our white hat SEO services; we call it complete SEO Suite.

Our complete SEO suite is a package that put together the white hat SEO strategies know out there in the internet. We use the power to quality keyword research to begin your white hat SEO campaign and this is why; you don't get top ranking with a bad keyword and even if you do, you don't get sales you want. So our white hat SEO starts with proper and relevant keyword research.

Once you get quality keywords, we begin the white hat SEO for you.

Traditionally SEO is divided into two onsite SEO and offsite SEO and both need to be white hat SEO to be effective and avoid Google penalty. Our complete SEO suite include the following strategies;

  • Keyword Research
  • Article writing
  • Article Distribution
  • Publishing Articles on Authority Web 2.0 sites
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Directory submission
  • Search engine submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Onsite optimization
White hat SEO
When we say white hat SEO for these complete SEO suites, it means we are purely guided by Google Panda and Penguin updates and all our work are manually done. For any package you can spread the work for more keywords ranking or many website ranking but we prefer you take an order for each website so that you see yourself top within 60 days.

Our SEO Packages are those tailored to deliver impact to your campaign. We only offer SEO Packages that will make you see value for money and something you can order and we do at a small cost on a monthly basis. These services include;

How to Use Our SEO Packages

Before you decide to place any order or as you think within whether or not to place an order on any of our SEO Services, think critically what your website needs to rank top on Search engines. You can look into many things but I want to invite you to look into our SEO packages.

Onsite Optimization

Before anything happens to a website, you need to do onsite optimization for your website. Onsite optimization will remove all the errors on your website which will hamper its ranking on major search engines. You can check out details of our onsite optimization service so that you understand better why you need onsite optimization service.

Onsite SEO

Search Engine Submission

Once you have done onsite optimization, you need to let the search engines know about your website. This is an opportunity for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to have a good impression of your website for the first time.

Will have a database of all search engines, major or minor, old or new, global or local search engines and we ensure that we submit your website manually to all the listed search engines. Check this search engine submission service to understand how different this service is to other SEO software that purports to offer this service.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Service

When you want to gain quick off page back links just to test how easy or difficult a page takes to rank, then social bookmarking services is ideal. This is especially once you have done onsite optimization and also you have submitted your website to search engines. Social bookmarking service will take your ranking up the ladder and show you which keywords you will rank with minimal effort.

We have quality web 2.0 sites for social bookmarking service which we use for your website campaign. We try our best to use top dofollow social bookmarking sites. We also use manual submission method to ensure the link last and look as natural to search engines as possible.

Complete SEO Suite

This is the SEO ninja that cracks all ranking and order ranking on search engines. Do you have this keyword that you are almost giving up on ever topping ranking with on Google or other keywords? Or you have done onpage SEO, done some social bookmarking and search engine submission and attained some position, say no.45 and now you want to command that position to move to top three? Complete SEO Suite is the weapon to use.

We designed Complete SEO Suite to unlock all difficulties associated with ranking high competition high traffic keywords. We do the work manually and so Google also gives it a lot of credit. Do not shy away from using this SEO Suite; it's all you need to command your competitors to rank after you.


  1. All services are manually done.
  2. It includes all the best and proven SEO techniques
  3. It includes the latest rank driving forces, social signals
  4. It can rank Unlimited Keywords simultaneously.
  5. Comply with Google Panda and Penguin Updates.
  6. With Every Package, we offer a FREE ACCOUNT with one of the ranking checking tools so that weekly, you can freely check your ranking and see what we are doing.
SEO Suite

Niche One Way Links

Do you know why you need this type of link building? Many people do not want to stuff up their website with other people's links just because you have placed your link on their website. Niche One way links serves in many different ways.

  1. When you want to draw interest from only targeted individuals, niche one way links will help you.
  2. If you want to maintain ranking of a certain keyword (s) you need more of niche one way links to keep your ranking up there.
We are strategically placed to deliver niche one way links irrespective of the industry. Call on us with your need today.

For every white hat SEO package under our complete SEO Suite, we deliver the report at the third last day of every month or the 27th day from the day of the order thus giving you opportunity to evaluate us and consider whether to renew the package or end it. Contact us today.

Type of Strategies Basic Package Professional Package Enterprise Package
Keyword Research 25 25 50
Article writing and spinning to five copies 50 75 100
Article Distribution To Authority web 2.0 sites like Mashable, WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger, Newsvine 500 1000 2000
Social Bookmarking 500 750 1000
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon,Reddit 5 Accounts per site 10 Accounts per site 15 Accounts per site
Dofollow Directory submission 250 500 1000
Search engine submission 250 350 500
Dofollow Blog commenting 250 500 1000
Dofollow Forum posting 250 500 1000
Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon,Reddit 1000 1500 2000
Market Analysis YES YES YES
Competitor Tracking YES YES YES
Site Auditing and Reporting YES YES YES
Keyword Tracking Tool by Rankinity One account Two accounts Three accounts
Google Analytics YES YES YES
Onsite optimization YES YES YES
Prices $499 $999 $1499
Per Month Price for 3 Months.

Just Give Us 3 Months and Your Website Will Dominate Top 3 Rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo Rankings and Sale Increase Ten Times.


  1. All submissions are done manually.
  2. A comprehensive report is submitted at the conclusion of the service ordered.