MEDS Terms and Conditions


Our website use cookies just like many other websites to understand how web visitors interact with our website. Continued use of this website means you acknowledge and accept our use of cookies.


We safety store user data like name, email and order details. We don't rent, sell or shared with third parties any user details collected on our website. Your details are absolutely safe with us.


We have a simplified mean of ordering a service. All you need is to locate the service you want to order and then click place order and Paypal process payment.

We advise though that once you order, sends us email with more details so that we begin to process the order. You can also message us before you pay for the order and seek any needed clarification.

We also have an invoicing system that we can use to send you invoice in case you need invoice before making any payment.


Our services are tailored in such a manner that they are not auto-renewing unless you specify that you need a certain service every month. In such case, cancellation requires you to send us an email to stop a certain service and that is enough to cancel a service.


We offer refund to customers on two grounds;

  1. A customer decides to cancel a service within 24hrs of ordering it. Will refund the money a 100%, of course will not pay for PayPal refund charges, the client meet that cost?
  2. In case a service is not rendered satisfactorily (which is rare), and an agreement has been reached for a refund, the refund will be processed of such an amount as agreed.

In case of any issue compliment, complains or suggestions, send them to